Fitness tips for students

Since I always post pictures of healthy food on Instagram, I am constantly asked how to do everything in the world I manage to eat healthy and do sports without letting the university grind. In my opinion, you just have to find the right balance to stay fit, healthy and lean at the university. Here are my tips:

1. Movement

A great thing at the university is that there is such a great sports offer. I am in the last year of my basic studies and there are still so many sports courses that I would like to join. They are not only

great to stay fit and in shape, but you can just get out and get to know new people. This is especially great for first-year students. If you notice it, you are doing sports, you are active and have a giant fun with your friends. Cycling also helps a lot beacuse it is an activity that takes into consideration all of the above issues.



2. Prepare meals

I know that this is not always easy, because you will be overwhelmed with fast food vouchers at many universities. Sure, who can say no when you get the second pizza for free? But preparing his meals and taking them to a long unclass has clear advantages: I can control what, when and how much I eat. Besides, I know exactly what I am spending on it. Admittedly. That sounds a bit dull. But it becomes cooler when you create your meals creatively. Besides, you give your body what it needs (as opposed to fast food). If you just can not find anything original, get some suggestions on my Instagram page.

3. Do not eat too much

This is almost the continuation of the last point and actually explains itself. If one eats too much, one simply accepts creepily. Who wants it? My tip: Do not eat regularly. Instead, simply invite some friends to cook at your home. On the one hand, this is much cheaper and you also have full control over everything you take to you.


4. Alcohol

This is, of course, one of the major problem areas of university life. I will try to keep myself brief. These are the facts: If you want to present your dream beach figure in the summer of 2017, regular and excessive alcohol consumption is pretty much the worst idea you can have. Just try to make it a little more modest. That suits already.


5. Do not stay up until 5 o’clock in the morning

Of course, night shifts occur before. Especially when you have to bury yourself again in the library, in order to complete a housework in the last second. I know that. But if that happens too often, your diet comes completely mixed. Not to mention your sleep rhythm. The result: Your life is a total chaos and you have little energy. Often it is hard to get out again. Just try to limit nights to a minimum. If they can not be avoided, remember to relax with sleep and good nutrition.



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European Cycling Cup


The racing series “German Cycling Cup 2017” (GCC) will be carried out by the Association of German Cycling Association (VDR), all results of the races mentioned on the GCC operated by the GCC ( Of the series will be honored as the winner of the “GCC 2017” after the last round in Münster in the categories men / women, master 1, master 2, master 3 and master 4 (male and female). In addition to the provisions of the BDR, these special provisions for the “GCC 2017” and the respective invitation to tender issued by the organizer are decisive for the participation and execution of this series.


At the “GCC 2017”, men, women and young people (with the consent of the educationally entitled, minimum age determine the organizers depending on the route requirements) can participate independently of a club membership (Regardless of the age group), as well as members of a sports group registered with the UCI. For the participation of licensed athletes of other associations, the GCC reserves the right to carry out a single case test.

License holders who enter the B-Class from the C-Class in the course of the year are no longer allowed to start in the GCC from this point, but are still guided in the overall evaluation with the points achieved up to that point. After the rise illegally obtained points are recognized, in addition, the participant can be removed in case of repeated violations from the overall evaluation.


The registration for a race to the “GCC 2017” takes place according to the central guidelines of the series and according to the regulations of the respective organizer. Each competitor recognizes the regulations and the special provisions of the “GCC 2017”. Registrations are made via the Internet pages (online) or via the forms of the individual organizers.

Starting blocks

The first 100 male and the first 50 female riders of the “German Cycling Cup 2016” overall rating as well as the first 100 male and the first 50 female riders of the current evaluation of the “GCC 2017” for the race of the respective race have the right from the first starting block of the Respective race. These (theoretically) 300 persons are to be placed in the first starting block of the race for which they have registered after their registration with the declaration of the respective event.

Should not all of the previous year’s places or the current standings contest the respective race, there is still no claim to move up (places 101 ff or 51 ff). In addition, the organizer has the possibility, depending on the nature of the starting area, to place further participants in the first starting block. The basis for this was the placement in the respective race in the previous year / in the past. The quotas for men and women are left to the respective organizer. If the conditions in the starting area require, the organizer can redistribute the first starting block again. The organization of the event organizer has to be fair, clear and orientated to sporting criteria.

In the case of stage races (multi-day events with overall evaluation) and individual time races, the special regulations of the organizer apply with respect to the starting set-up. In the “GCC 2017”, the result and the overall evaluation after the race in Dresden is decisive for the starting block division during the last race due to the close proximity of the penultimate race.


The first 50 arriving male participants / 15 arriving female participants will be evaluated according to the goal, the subsequent arriving participants will be evaluated according to their net running time according to transponder for the result of the respective race (daily result). The age group classification is based on net time. However, for the first 50 men / 15 women of the day total, they are also placed in the AK classification according to the finish line. This means that the first 50 men / 15 women after the finish line are placed in the AK-ranking, regardless of the net time, in front of the riders, who are in the overall score worse than from place 50/15.

The time is measured by transponder technology.

Publication of results

The organizer is responsible for the preparation of the day’s results. It shall transmit the provisional daily result for publication to the service provider commissioned by the GCC on the evening of the event. Despite all due diligence, however, mistakes are to be expected.

Each participant is therefore also asked to check his result immediately. Appeals against the day’s results must be submitted in writing to the organizer within 8 days after the race. No objections will be accepted after this date. The organizer shall forward the final day’s results (after clarification of the objections made) to the GCC’s authorized service provider no later than 14 days after the event.

If a participant contests several races with a score for the “GCC 2017”, only the points reached on the longer distance will be taken over into the overall evaluation.The result or possibly the participation points of the remaining race will be evaluated for no evaluation (Team- Or age rating). Results obtained under different user names / nicknames in the GCC can only be combined within a period of 10 days after the event.

Rating of the German Cycling-Cup 2017

  • (In all categories listed under item “Age classes”)
  • Daily Championship

Overall evaluations of the GCC 2017 are carried out in the areas of

  • Total number of men
  • Women
  • Overall rating Male Master 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Total rating female Master 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Team Overall Rating

Since there are broad sporting events, there are as before:

  • Draw Men’s Cycling-Cup 2017 “Being there is everything”
  • Draw Women’s Cycling Cup 2017 “Being there is everything”

Achievement of the total number of evaluations of the GCC 2017

The total scores of the series are created according to the reached ranking points. For the rankings shown in the results of the day of the organizer ranking points are given according to the table below.

The points are awarded according to the following point system: The ranked men and women of each day will each receive from 1 to 200 points (see table below). In addition, race kilometers are added as points. The organizer’s invitation to tender is decisive for the number of race kilometers to be reached.

The number of km points to be reached is determined by the respective organizer in relation to the route length and reported to the GCC. Changes may be made up to 14 days before the race.

Classification system of the GCC 2017

Placement Points
1st place -> 250 + km
2nd place -> 240 + km
3rd place -> 230 + km
4th place -> 215 + km
5th place -> 214 + km
6th place -> 213 + km
7th place -> 212 + km
8. Place -> 211 + km
9. Place -> 210 + km
10th place -> 209 + km
11. Place -> 208 + km
12. Place -> 207 + km
13. Place -> 206 + km
14th place -> 205 + km
15th place -> 204 + km

200th place -> 19 + km

From the 201st place and onward, all runners-up receive 15 points each for the special evaluation “Being is everything” (without kilometer points):

201. Place -> 15 points
202th place -> 15 points

Examples of point allocation

8th place in the class Women over 40 km (8th place = 211 points + 40 km = 251 points for the total classification)

199th place in the class Men over 140 km (199th place = 20 points + 140km = 160 points for the total classification)

15th place for the class men over 60 km (15th place = 204 points + 60 km = 264 points for the total classification)

The total scores are based on the total score of all daytime scores, which are included in the score according to the string results. No contingency points are given for any string results.

Age class overall rating

In addition to the total score (men and women), ratings are given in the following age classes.

Men / Women – m / w – 1988-1998

Master 1 – m / w – 1978-1987

Master 2 – m / w – 1968-1977

Master 3 – m / w – 1958-1967

Master 4 – m / w – 1957 and older

In doing so, the individual day-old-age class evaluations are converted into their own overall evaluation using the above-mentioned point table (analogous to the overall individual evaluations). Again, the best 7
Results of the 9 events in the total result.

String results

For the above-mentioned overall evaluations of the “GCC 2017” not all, but only the best 7 evaluations of a participant from all 9 are counted
Race of the series 2017. The number of strings is thus

If an event due to “force majeure” has to be canceled during the course of the season, it will be counted as a result of the contest, provided that 50 per cent of the season races have not yet taken place. If a second event is canceled due to “force majeure” or an event is canceled in the second half of the season, the number of races decreases. This means that the corresponding race is not considered as a string result. If GCC races are canceled at any time, for reasons other than “force majeure”, the number of GCC races will also be reduced, and the canceled race will not be considered as a strike result.

No contest points are given for the strings.

Team rating

In the course of the “GCC 2017” an official team evaluation is carried out, whereby an unlimited number of riders can be registered for the team evaluation.The ratio of gender and age of the team members is irrelevant (For this reason, the team score from the gender ranking ranking (unisex ranking) Of all participants).

The team rating of the race is calculated by adding the number of team members. This is the unisex rating of the race. In each case, 4 consecutive drivers of a team (1st – 4th driver team XX = team 1, 5th – 8th driver team XX = team 2, etc.) are evaluated as a team.

The team with the least number of seats wins the daily team score. If there is a tie between one or more teams, the ranking of the best riders of the respective teams in the day ranking is decided by these teams. The points awarded for the GCC team valuation are analogous to the rating system for individual drivers (see above). The best team will get 250 points plus kilometer points etc. In the team evaluation there are no strings.

Team nomination

Each team named in the GCC will be listed in the above-mentioned spelling. The team name has to be continued in exactly the same way for each additional event. If certain drivers are to be considered as a team, the team name must be clearly different from other teams. The name of the sponsor or team name with the order number is not sufficient.

It is also possible to report several teams, taking into account the aforementioned conditions. The required name difference must also be taken into account when appointing teams at different lengths of the course as part of an event.

In the occupation of a team you are completely free for every race. This concerns sex, age class but also the occupation of race to race. In principle analogous to the soccer league. The points get the team, not the players. It is not possible to transfer points. The points earned by a team under the appropriate name remain assigned to this team until the end of the year.


The sporting authority over the day’s results is the responsibility of the organizer (or a representative appointed by the organizer, sports manager, etc.) of the respective race. Infringements to the Regulations or the Fair Play shall be punished in accordance with the regulations of the relevant event as well as the “GCC 2017” list of penalties and, if necessary, taken into account in the daily result The rules of the BDR apply. Every participant recognizes with the registration the sports regulations and the conditions of competition of the BDR.


Victory after each race to the “GCC 2017” will take place according to the regulations of the respective organizer, and the leader of the series will be handed over to the overall leader (men and women) at the next event Leading team will also be honored after each race of the “GCC 2017”.

Total performance GCC 2017, prices

After the last race in 2017, a series of victories will be held for the series. Information will be provided in good time.

Special prices “

All participants who have played at least three races of the “GCC 2017” will be raffled for men and women according to the motto “Being there is everything”. The winners and prizes will be announced before the last race and the winners will be invited to the overall victory.

Disclaimer of liability

Participation in “GCC 2017” races is at your own risk! The liability of the organizer is limited to intent and gross negligence, also against third parties.The liability of the organizer for damages other than those from the injury of life, body or health is Except in the case of intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of the organizer, his legal representative or his vicarious agents, the organizer shall not be liable for the loss of equipment and clothing of the participant.

Upon receipt of the starting number, each participant declares bindingly that there is no health concern against his participation in the event.

It is imperative to follow the instructions of the folders.

Declaration of consent

The participant agrees that the data mentioned in his application may be stored automatically and published in the participant and results list. Photographs, film recordings, videos, interviews on the radio, television, advertising and books made in connection with the participation in the race may be used by the organizer and GCC GmbH without compensation claims and without temporal and spatial limitation. When submitting a mobile phone number, the organizer / GCC is allowed to send an SMS free of charge to the participant with his / her respective result. If the participant specifies a mobile number and does not want an SMS, he / she will communicate this to the organizer / GCC.

Bike and accessories

The material provisions of the BDR apply. Each participant is responsible for the traffic safety of his bicycle. In particular, the functional reliability of the brakes and other safety-related components is important
To pay attention. Lighting is not required. Athletes whose bikes are clearly not fit for transport can be taken out of the competition at any time. There are no translation restrictions. The following material and / or types of bicycles are expressly not permitted in races with mass start:

  • Disc wheels front and / or rear
  • Triathlon, horns and deltal joints
  • Handlebars of all kinds (except MTB bar-ends)
  • Bicycle trailers of all kinds
  • Packing bags and other loadings
  • Water bottles made of glass or fragile materials
  • Unicycles, seat and recumbent bicycles
  • Tandems (except for special events)
  • Handbikes (except for special events)


Helmet obligation exists for all. The helmet must contain the seal of a recognized test institute (eg DIN standard 33954, SNEL standard, ANSI standard or similar). Driving without a helmet leads to the exclusion.


Code of Honor and corresponding sanctions

In order to demand, ensure, or, if necessary, create a corresponding condition, we must adhere to a code of ethics, which should be an “act of reverence”.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly finding violations of the sporting fairness mentioned in the preamble, which makes it necessary to draw up a code of ethics that can be used in cases of misconduct.


Penalties are issued solely by the race management. The penalty is determined by the list of penalties listed below.

The race management is also entitled to impose penalties for offenses which are not part of this catalog. The punishment is then determined by the race management.

Type of offense Penalty
In the starting position warning
Set up in the wrong start block disqualification
Unsportsmanlike driving / unsporting behavior Warning or disqualification
Dangerous driving Warning or disqualification
Dangerous driving disqualification
Startup with a bad bicycle Home
Use of an illegal bicycle in the race disqualification
Remove the helmet in the race disqualification
Modified or unlawful attachment of start numbers Warning or two minutes time penalty
Back or frame numbers invisible / unrecognizable Warning or two minutes time penalty
Deviations from the selected driving line with risk to competitors disqualification
Irregular sprint disqualification
Peel off the jersey Two minutes time penalty
Holding on vehicles / racers / racers disqualification
Move between drivers of a team Warning or two minutes time penalty
Deporting a driver of another team Warning or two minutes time penalty
Intentional handicap of a racing driver Caution and two minutes time penalty or disqualification
Intentional departure from the course disqualification
Attempt to be classified without having completed the entire course
Crossing a closed railway barrier disqualification
Windscreen behind a vehicle Warning or five minutes time penalty
Irregular mechanical assistance Warning or five minutes time penalty
Regular food Warning or a minute time penalty
Obstruction of an official vehicle Warning or a minute time penalty
Disregard the instructions of the race management or the folders Warning or a minute time penalty
Insult, threat, improper behavior disqualification
Drivers of racers against other persons disqualification
Carrying a glass container disqualification
Irregular throwing of an object Warning or a minute time penalty
Ejecting a glass object disqualification
Re-route the destination line in the direction of the race with the number of the tailback Warning or two minutes time penalty
Participation in the Victory Loss of honors
Wear protective clothing Warning or two minutes time penalty
Driving the finish line against the racing direction disqualification
Use of an electronic means of communication (telephone, radio) disqualification
Use of headphones or earphones disqualification

A disqualification also means the loss of all honors and honors. The organization’s management reserves the right to disqualify awards and honors, even in the case of unsporting behavior, which is not listed in the penal catalog.


If you don't agree with something of the above you can easily see what is and what is not allowed by visiting our Terms of Service
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