Fitness tips for students

Since I always post pictures of healthy food on Instagram, I am constantly asked how to do everything in the world I manage to eat healthy and do sports without letting the university grind. In my opinion, you just have to find the right balance to stay fit, healthy and lean at the university. Here are my tips:

1. Movement

A great thing at the university is that there is such a great sports offer. I am in the last year of my basic studies and there are still so many sports courses that I would like to join. They are not only

great to stay fit and in shape, but you can just get out and get to know new people. This is especially great for first-year students. If you notice it, you are doing sports, you are active and have a giant fun with your friends. Cycling also helps a lot beacuse it is an activity that takes into consideration all of the above issues.



2. Prepare meals

I know that this is not always easy, because you will be overwhelmed with fast food vouchers at many universities. Sure, who can say no when you get the second pizza for free? But preparing his meals and taking them to a long unclass has clear advantages: I can control what, when and how much I eat. Besides, I know exactly what I am spending on it. Admittedly. That sounds a bit dull. But it becomes cooler when you create your meals creatively. Besides, you give your body what it needs (as opposed to fast food). If you just can not find anything original, get some suggestions on my Instagram page.

3. Do not eat too much

This is almost the continuation of the last point and actually explains itself. If one eats too much, one simply accepts creepily. Who wants it? My tip: Do not eat regularly. Instead, simply invite some friends to cook at your home. On the one hand, this is much cheaper and you also have full control over everything you take to you.


4. Alcohol

This is, of course, one of the major problem areas of university life. I will try to keep myself brief. These are the facts: If you want to present your dream beach figure in the summer of 2017, regular and excessive alcohol consumption is pretty much the worst idea you can have. Just try to make it a little more modest. That suits already.


5. Do not stay up until 5 o’clock in the morning

Of course, night shifts occur before. Especially when you have to bury yourself again in the library, in order to complete a housework in the last second. I know that. But if that happens too often, your diet comes completely mixed. Not to mention your sleep rhythm. The result: Your life is a total chaos and you have little energy. Often it is hard to get out again. Just try to limit nights to a minimum. If they can not be avoided, remember to relax with sleep and good nutrition.



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