Our Approach


We interviewed New Yorkers about coffee culture in different neighborhoods. Everyone wants to be green, but they need convenience. Even with discounts for reusable cup users, people prefer to use disposables.

We studied disposable cups. The single-use cup has evolved over 100 years. Natural alternatives to paper and styrofoam such as sugarcane, cornstarch and tree sap are either less healthy or not as sturdy.

Prototype and Testing

We explored Material Connexion’s warehouse, to identify a more sustainable alternative to existing disposable and reusable cup material.

Afterwards, we created prototypes and strategies to challenge disposable cup waste. These ideas were reviewed by a team of experts from the Department of Sanitation, coffee retailers, and non-profits. Learn more about the prototypes.

Get Involved

Sunday, April 20th the Easter Cup Hunt at Washington Square Park!

The Cupcycle pilot Monday, April 21st to Wednesday, April 23rd at the Brooklyn Roasting Company! The world’s first reusable cup membership program.

The Earthday GOOD TO GO Launch Party April 22nd, with the amazing Cup Canvas Project at The Hudson Company, in

Please RSVP and help to make a better New York.