About Us


GOOD TO GO is dedicated to changing the way New Yorkers enjoy their coffee. We want to improve the to-go coffee experience and reduce waste at the same time. We are working with coffee retailers, reusable cup companies, local artists, bloggers, journalists and members of the NYC government to make this change happen.

GOOD TO GO is a team of 18 change-makers from 16 countries extending to partners and collaborators around NYC.

We invite all New Yorkers to be a part of this movement, our pilots, and events, and change the way coffee is taken to go!

The Team

CommunicationsTeam- Keeping you informed of the latest issues and events:
Sandy Connell, Yash Maniar, Maria Mayanja, Nara Motoyama, Seemal Mushtaq, Mai Nguyen and Audrey Tangonan.

Research & Development Team- Gathering data and background on NYC’s addiction to single use disposable cups:

Glenn Chon, Reem Al Jebzi, Daniel Kielback and Muhammad Sabir.

Events Team- Creating sustainable experiences and interactions with NYers to introduce new concepts and change the status quo:

Derrick Opio, IllYasak Hazan, Bhuwan K.C, Theresa Krause, Vinod Malwatte, Mohammed Salia and Joseph Stodgel.